'Whether it's raw food feast or breathwork group Michal creates a sweetly supported and loving container for a deep journey. It is joyful and healing to be in her presence. She is an Angel!

~ Sujatiya / Owner - Designer queen of heart clothing.

"Michal's wisdom is multi-faceted loving and balanced."

~ Sara Dancer

"Michal is very generous with her knowledge and dedication to her work.  I loved her class and especially the essential oil treatment, all were very powerful". 

~ SuzyK

I went to Michal kundalini class. Wasreally amazed by her calming, relaxing energy. She really inspired me to listen myself more, my inner voice. Feel my energy. After class we had her handmadeand yummy -row -organictreats! All she does comes out with LOVE.

~Nadya Anisimova

Hi Michal, I want to thank you for the class last week. It was very helpful for me. As I told some of the folks there I work in a jail as a nurse and it can be a very stressful environment most of the times. This week was different. The environment has not changed but thanks to your class I have. I feel a lot more calmer at work and my  mind is able to deal better with the chaos around me. I have been practicing some of the breathing techniques you taught, working out at the gym everyday and eating about 50% raw for now. Please let me know  if you have any other classes, especially anythat deals with the raw food lifestyle. Thank once again.

Johnnie Williams