Today bring a big blessing to all. YAYYY!!

Read : 'Tehilim L'G'

How is my mind set work ?

And how do I want my mind set to be?

When I belive in my self. I respect my self. I believe that I am strong, healthy, funny, sweet, joyful, successful, deserve to be happy, deserved to be rich, dereved to love & be loved by others, by my lover - partner, by my children and much more.

Get the point?

Well after many years of living in bliss no matter what happen in my life, where or why...

I desided to bring my self back to the world out there. Even that it's great sometime to live in bliss it felt like I am missing something a few aspects of life. And for me it was a partner, strong, stable, someone that I can rely on at any given moment of life. The other thing I missed is my family. most of them live far away from me.

So, I went to search for it. And what I found is a job & a bigger community with children.

Again, It started very well and than a crush in the face. Not so fun but that's when reality hit me.

that when my state of mind start to me a different in my life :)

And, It's great to be in amazing place and think that I'm in amazing state of mind but what if...

What's if happen....

The old state of mind doesn't exist any more? Gone ? caput?

So, I went to sereach again this time without a job It was hard because reality said I have rent to pay, I have a child to raise, I have bills to pay, I need to eat and much more...

But than it hit me that I need to use this time to live in bliss I need to breath bliss and than all around me will become bliss. 

And that's when it's all started.

life start to smile to me again :)

People stopped me in the park to talk to me, I met people that didn't talk to me before and all of a sudden they are smiling to me, speak to me and enjoy it, to the point they can't leave the conversation. That's how much they were engage & enjoy talking to me.

Life start to be on the groove.

Jobs start to flow all over the place. 

Opportunities were growing and becoming :)

It was fun to wake up in the morning. It was fun to live life and breath life :)

And so it is!

Love, Michal