Lots & Lots of Trainings


Wowwwwww, Is it just me or what?

I feel like I can't stop, From one thing to anther. Do you reconized that feeling...?

So, Yes! I am here. And I am doing it. And I am choosing everything!!

So, The Good thing from all of that. Going & Traveling & Flying, Is that I am still alive & well :)

And, I am working on finishing my Level 2 KUNDALINI YOGA TRAINING :) YES :)

Which mean that I'm about to offer : Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

And I'm really exicted about it. and LOVE it and want to share it :) YES :0) With all of you.My dear beautiful one. You deserve it. To give your self the gift of LIFE. YES! LIFE IT SELF!

Bless & SAT NAM!

Please feel free to contact me.