What I like about Kimchi is that it digest really good in the body & help with digestion problem. 

Tasty & Easy to make :)


You Soak Orange Lentils over night or at least 6 hours.

Wash the water a few time, till the water is clear.

Fill the pot with the lentils and fresh water just a bit above. Boiled it for a few min. Than lower the temperature.

Cook it till it’s really soft. around 30 - 40 min.  

Than add curry spices.

Than add veggies. What ever you like. 

I like squash and Carrots 

Cook for 15 - 20 Minutes more.

And it’s ready!


Put some in a bowl for you. 

Add : Himalayan Pink Sea Salt & A bit of Oil ( Olive Oil or and Hemp seed Oil or Coconut Oil )