FRIDAY OCT 10, 7:30 - 9:30 PM


What a powerful time it is with the seasonal shift! It's a time of taking all the expansive energies of Summer and bringing our dreams and visions to fruition. A doorway is open at this time for all of us to take a quantum leap into a new way of being and flowing with Reality! It is a time of Sacred Soul Alignment. Let us use this energy to align more fully with the Divine Plan unfolding in our lives and on the planet.

Join us in sacred circle as we use Clarity breathwork, movement, dance, prayer, light body meditation & initiation to contact our deepest Soul Self and align with our Soul's path of service, love & joy.

Every breath we take is sacred, an opportunity to connect to our deepest essence. When we breathe fully and consciously we can heal our hearts, minds, bodies, and open to the Divine in everything.

Experience the profound healing power of breath to transform your life! Unravel limited beliefs, emotional patterns, physical blocks, and imprints from birth, childhood, and past experiences from the cells of your body.

Clarity Breathwork is a powerful process of transformation to assist you in experiencing greater joy, aliveness and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Clarity Breathwork offers you an accelerated way to clear out and transform energy on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual. The Breath is the bridge between your physical and your spiritual being. It helps you to reconnect to that Infinite Source that you come from, allowing you to experience a greater sense of being guided by your Higher Self. Most of us don’t breathe fully. We hold the breath in and may have been holding it in since the first breath when the umbilical cord was cut too soon and we were swung upside down and spanked. Many of us have thoughts like: It’s not safe to be here, I’m not supported, Life is a struggle, People hurt me, I’m all alone, I can’t make it. These thoughts can profoundly affect our life experience.

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle and effective process to help you breathe out old thoughts, imprints and emotions held in the cells of your body so you can experience more of the joy, freedom and aliveness that is your True Being.

Here are just some of the benefits people have experienced:

* Increased aliveness, joy & creativity

* Physical, emotional, and mental healing and well-being

* Forgiveness and release of the past

* Reduced stress and increased vitality and inner peace

* Greater self-love and more loving relationships

* Ability to manifest greater abundance and ease

* Accelerated spiritual growth & awakening more

deeply to one’s true Self

* Attracting life partner

* Greater sense of Life Purpose

Ashanna Solaris has been involved in the healing arts for the past 23 years supporting the process of transformation, healing and creative expression in numerous groups and individuals. She is a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and International Trainer, Reiki Master for 20 years, Teacher of the Awakening Your Light Body Training, Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Counselor. Ashanna is a graduate of the Somatic Experiencing Training program developed by Peter Levine. She also studies and has been inspired by the teachings of Adyashanti, Gangaji, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle & Peter Levine. With studies from New York University and California Institute of Integral Studies, Ashanna has a passion for supporting others in their deepest embodiment of truth and creative healing expression. She is a student of many forms of dance and movement including Body Tales, Sweat Your Prayers, and Ecstatic Dance. For more information on Clarity Breathwork, Private Sessions and
 Retreats, Meditation and Breathwork CD’s Contact

Ashanna: 650-279-9101. Visit:

Michal Hadar (Jia) has been Certefied at Clerity Breath, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher for 8 years, Dancing Freedom Facilitator for 3 years and giving Healing modalities for most of her life.

Best to contact via facebook or phone 707 363 5335

Please join us to GODDESS TEMPLE
20842 Santa Clara Ave. Middletown, Ca
Contact Jia: 707-363-5335

By suggested Love Offering $20 - $40 but no one turned away for lack of funds.

Friday, Oct 10, Start @ 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Please RSVP your space. And bring: Yoga mat, Blanket, and your water bottle.